So, you're ready to sell your home and you've put the time and money into restoring it to it's rightful glory; you're done, right? WRONG. There are a few things that have the potential of scaring off the right homebuyer that you might not even be considering. We've compiled a list below to make things easier on you.

1. Pets
Have you ever heard the saying, "a face only a mother could love"? That doesn't just apply to humans. As much as you love Bruno, the Pitbull, potential homebuyers might not. Imagine walking into tour a home and all you can smell is the animal's scent. Would you be able to envision your life there if all you're thinking about is when's the last time the *insert animal here* had a bath? Even if you keep your pets well groomed, no one wants to be chased around by a pet while shopping.

2. Hunting Trophies
The avoid animals in the home advice goes for dead ones as well. In our political climate, it's best to avoid offending anyone. Keep those tucked away until you're in your new home.

3. Flags
You may be from the South but we can almost guarantee your Confederate battle flag is not going to go over well with most sellers. Immediately their focus is going to go from seeing themselves in your new home and thinking about what kind of people lived in it before. 

4. Sport Memorabilia
Sure, you can't imagine anyone NOT wanting a room filled with Lions gear but if the potential home buyer is rooting for another team, it will leave a poor impression of your home. No one wants to walk into a home that has someone else written all over it.

5. Nudity
Yes, I get it - Americans are prude compared to the French "blah blah blah". The fact of the matter is nudity will make potential homebuyers uncomfortable.Shock value is not going to help sell your home.

6. Hidden Rooms
If you were looking to buy a home would be interested in one that didn't let you tour the entire house? No room should be left locked and buyers will not be sure what to think if you don't let them see what's behind door number three.

7. Drugs
This should go without saying but even with new laws, home buyers do not want to see or smell your federally illegal substance.